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Shift into Sustainable Style!



We hope you had a chance to put into practice the sustainable fashion tips shared last month by Fashion Revolution Tampa Bay. Here’s another fresh, fun, and feasible way for you to shift your closet, refresh your style, and reduce textile waste.


According to Wrap UK, extending the life of clothing another nine months can reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30%. The Wardrobe Swap & Shift wants to help do just that! The intent is to empower and share the easiest ways to actively rewrite the sustainable fashion disposal narrative, with a couple of steps:


1) Provide awareness around the wardrobe’s lifecycle, and 2) Provide a space to exchange like-new clothing to extend the life of wardrobes for as long as possible.

Here’s how we can do our part:

1) Invite a friend to share this fashion-forward, environmental-positive experience with, and 2) Get ready for a fun, informative, treasure hunt of an exchange!


Sustainable Shift is an environmentally conscious, resale clothing company with a mission to shift, sustain, and extend the life of wardrobes to reduce textile waste. The brand will launch an online fashion subscription service that provides a curated wardrobe with quality, like-new, versatile styles for women.


Help keep this conversation going by telling a friend about some of the tips you’ve learned. Each one of us making small consumer adjustments can add up to tremendous shifts in the treatment of garment workers, levels of textile waste and microplastic pollution, and investment by fashion houses in innovative approaches to sustainability. Let’s work together to shift the sustainable fashion needle forward.






(Header photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst)

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